LSS Ventura #WalktoFightPoverty

Lutheran Social Services of Southern California

LSSSC embraces those in need in countless ways but an overwhelming majority of our clients first come to us for emergency services. It might be a sack lunch, a hot meal, a bag of groceries, a hygiene kit, a blanket, a warm shower, a washer and dryer to launder their clothes, or gently-used shoes and clean clothing, because they wear on their backs the only clothes they possess.

Emily was a caseworker for LSSSC, earning her Master of Social Work from a local university. In explaining why our presence is important, Emily said, “Before I was a staff member, I was a client. I initially came to LSSSC because there was no food in my pantry.” Herbert went to prison for burglary. A little cash, and his CDC card, was all he had when he appeared at our door. LSSSC helped him get an ID card, medical attention, and eventually a job to sustain him. But our first encounter was about a place for him to sleep, clothes for him to wear, and food to ease his hunger.

That’s why it is essential for everyone to join our
  • $25 provides one person with a week’s groceries, or new school shoes for three children.
  • $50 bought an eye exam for a man living in his car, and passes for five seniors to take the bus to an LSSSC dinner/shelter.
  • $100 purchased two nights at a motel for a homeless man undergoing treatment for brain cancer, and paid the water bill for a family of five.
Will you make a gift today that changes emergencies into rescue, and hopelessness into hope?

Join us Saturday, October 6th at 9am in Kingsmen Park on the beautiful campus of California Lutheran University. Registration begins at 8:30a. Contact Denise Cortes at, for more information, and plan to join us as we WALK to FIGHT POVERTY, one step at a time!